Paris elopement session for Katia & Ilia


Just found out that I almost don't have shootings that shows one of my favourite shooting itineraries: Bir-Hakeim - Trocadero - Louvre.

Here at the end you can also find several pictures from Palais Royal, as the photo session took us 3 hours.

I need to be frank at the end we had to chill a bit at the Nemours café ^_^

Shooting start time: 9.30 am
Shooting length: 3h
Itinerary : Bir-Hakeim bridge, the bancs of the Seine river, Carousel, Trocadero, Bridge of Arts, Louvre, café Nemours, Palais Royal

photo avec tour eiffel KatyaetIlia_paris_elopement_photographer-01le couple sous le pont Bir-HakeimKatyaetIlia_paris_elopement_photographer-02       les amoureux sur le pont KatyaetIlia_paris_elopement_photographer-03en approchant les quais de Seine horiz_photographe_mariage_katenilia-9689 photo romantique pres de la seine KatyaetIlia_paris_elopement_photographer-04horiz_photographe_mariage_katenilia-9757 horiz_photographe_mariage_katenilia-9768 KatyaetIlia_paris_elopement_photographer-05photo de couple pres de leau portrait de couple type close up KatyaetIlia_paris_elopement_photographer-06en face de la tour eiffel horiz_photographe_mariage_katenilia-9947 KatyaetIlia_paris_elopement_photographer-07horiz_photographe_mariage_katenilia-9951 horiz_photographe_mariage_katenilia-9960 KatyaetIlia_paris_elopement_photographer-08horiz_photographe_mariage_katenilia-9977 horiz_photographe_mariage_katenilia-9990 KatyaetIlia_paris_elopement_photographer-09prise de vue au louvre le jardin interior de louvre KatyaetIlia_paris_elopement_photographer-10horiz_photographe_mariage_katenilia-0052 prise de vue au cafe nemoursKatyaetIlia_paris_elopement_photographer-11


Louvre Itinerary

As my clients often ask me if they can see different itineraries for a photo session in order to compose the one they prefer, I thought to myself, that it would be easier to have direct links to each spot.

The first one I've chosen is not necessarily the most popular, but Eiffel Tower is already so famous, that I decided to show something less popular before.

This itinerary starts on the bancs of Seine river and goes to The Louvre. When searching for location you should always take into account, at what time the pictures where shot, as the places as Louvre or Montmartre or Eiffel Tower are very rowdy at working hours.

This photo session took place prom 6pm to 8pm

paris photosession lovestory in paris DSC_6304 paris love story paris shooting locations for photosession louvre location shooting close to louvre individual photo session couple photography couple shoot close to louvre back entry to louvre DSC_6428 yard of louvre couple picture DSC_6458 DSC_6470 the pyramid of Louvre DSC_6489 DSC_6498 DSC_6501 DSC_6510 DSC_6523 DSC_6539 DSC_6561 DSC_6568